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Coloplast A/S is a Danish multinational company that develops, manufactures and markets medical devices and services related to ostomy, urology, continence, and wound care.

A former employee said this in a review: "Unrealistic targets, unethical practices to win at any cost. Inexperienced management team,poor decision making practices. There is an environment of distrust and fear at Coloplast".


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Current Employee - Consumer Sales Representative says

"Micromanagement and lack of trust in employees"

Former Employee - Consumer Sales Representative says

"Let me begin by explaining that the consumer sales role is not completely sales. This role is largely customer service but you are not evaluated on that in any way (big red flag that I see now). This was constantly brought up (by those of us in the role) because we believed there should be some way to track this and get credit for helping people who are already in Coloplast products but were told there wasn't a way to get incentive for this - a part of our mission is to help people with their intimate health care needs and that includes everyone. My rebuttal to that - is if that's the case, then there should be a way to track it because many employees with great sales numbers were known to avoid the "waste of time situations" or scenarios that would end up being $0. This wasn't fair to those of us who helped everyone with the same tenacity EVERY time whether they were on a competitor product and switching to ours or if they were on a Coloplast product already and were needing help. Concerns brought up constantly fell upon deaf ears. I would go as far to say that concerns were sometimes dismissed before we even had a chance to bring them up. When a huge new system change happened at end of month (when everyone was scrambling to connect with their consumers - as is such every month when we are trying our hardest to meet goals) and made it so we couldn't control what work of ours we were working on in the system and there ended up being many issues - a supervisor during the training the previous day had said "this isn't a life-altering change" in a condescending tone. As you can imagine, no concerns were brought up afterwards and then the next day when it went live - we found out it actually was a huge change within the terms of our work. There were still issues going on with it as of my last day at Coloplast. When we help people we are supposed to fill in certain pieces of info that ultimately helps us help people to the best of our capability - it also allows us to help other colleagues end users (patients) when they call in and we can know what is going on. We can read notes on the account, etc. We are measured on this, yet until my last day at the company - I was still finding accounts where people had nothing filled in. This doesn't make a good experience for the consumer who is calling in (when we don't know what's going on because whoever worked it decided they didn't want to fill in information) and it makes it very frustrating for the employees who always fill in what we are told we NEED to and see that others are not doing their job completely. The people that don't do this are saving time by cutting corners and they are not seeing any downside to this - they are not getting punished for it so what is the incentive to fill it in? Then they get praised for working more accounts and making more calls - while others have to clean up the mess. This is just an example of the many inconsistencies. It was almost comical how many mixed messages were sent from meeting to meeting during the same weeks. During one meeting, "we have to get our answer times now" and two days later "don't just sit in the queue and be available." What do you want us to do?!? Those statements contradict each other. Not that most of us are ever just sitting in the queue anyways - we had so much backlog to get on top of that we're constantly making calls. On the off chance you're "sitting in the queue" it's because you're answering an email, etc. We would do something well and then it would get skimmed over and on to the next thing that we weren't doing well that was all of a sudden important. The negativity outweighed the positivity. I want to explain a part of my personal situation because I believe it speaks volumes. I had dealt with a death of a close family member (one who I had gotten on our Coloplast products prior to his death so everyone on my team knew of the situation and how I had been assisting with his health issues) and my sales numbers had dropped. I'll say this - in terms of this department, my sales numbers have never been spectacular. BUT I do thorough work, I always want to help people whether they are on a competitor product and switching to ours or if they are already on Coloplast (I can't say the same for everyone) and end users(our consumers) have sent me flowers and beautiful notes I've kept thanking me for my help. THIS is what matters to me the most. Also, I believe there is something to be said for the fact that people have been fired in the past for making up sales and fudging their numbers so sales goals, all in all, have been inflated and created off of BS to begin with (but that's a completely different topic that includes the pressure of the goals and what it does to people - I could've been one of those people and decided not to be. I'm not going to let a job change who I am). I was put on a PIP (performance improvement plan) the month of my family member's funeral when I already had days approved off. I reached out to HR to try to get it delayed and the solution was for them to add on a week to the plan. I was to hit a certain dollar amount every week and then afterwards they would decide my fate at Coloplast. One of the infuriating parts of this was the fact that there were dates mentioned right around the death of my family member - where it said conversations took place and I didn't bring up any barriers between me and reaching my goals. Though, my immediate supervisor said he knew how hard of year I'd been having, etc., so again with the contradictions. I didn't realize I was supposed to bring up how hard of time I was having grieving during every conversation that took place. I typed out a long email, where I basically wrote out my heart and the difficulties I've been dealing with and I received no response from my supervisor. HRs response was asking if I had talked to my supervisor. Then the system change ended up happening where that threw another wrench in the mix because I couldn't control what work I was calling out on and what sales I was trying to get for my numbers to increase - some of the calls it would make me work on were ones worth $0 which obviously didn't help my end result. I brought up this concern and got no response. I didn't meet the goal every week - the last week I did and I asked my supervisor since I didn't make it every week, was I going to get fired? He told me that wasn't his call to make. The following Tuesday I was terminated. They know many of my opinions already since I was vocal but I didn't get the opportunity to have an exit interview. I knew I would come on here to purge this out of my system for my mental well-being since they didn't care enough to ask at the end of my tenure. Hopefully this gives some insight into the company for those of you wondering."

Former Employee - Consumer Sales and Care says

"Behind the beautiful building is a terrible company that lies and misrepresents information to its to employees, and customers. I have listed just a few of the major problems with this awful medical manufacturing company 1) There is zero advancement opportunity. Rarely does anyone move up or into a different business unit. They promise advancement but it is at a snails pace at best. Most talented employees end up leaving for better opportunities with competitors in the market since advancement is rare in this company. It’s sad that competitor companies see people’s talents more so than the company they work for. It’s also a very flat organization. You have the supervisors, and then right to the VP of sales. Of course this terrible business model doesn’t lend itself to advancement since it’s too big of a jump 2) Upper management is incredibly unempathic. It’s ironic because those who run the Care/Sales teams beat into employees heads to show empathy to patients, yet management does not show empathy back. It’s all about the numbers and the bottom dollar. The company advertises on its signs on the floor “Beer Fridays, Home office awards, fun place to work, etc” NOT one of these claims are true though. So it’s a complete slap in the face to loyal employees who put up with all the lies and misrepresentations. 3) In regards to the “Care program” it is simply a sales program hidden under the guise of a patient education program. Employees are held to numbers and paid out monthly bonuses based of “captures” which is just different verbiage for “sales.” The whole department is directly held to a sales quota. So it’s a complete lie and just a way to increase clinic referrals. 4) The company is based in Denmark and Denmark does not have a clue about how to execute sales strategies in the US. You never hear back from HQ in Denmark no matter how many times you email them. They aren’t interested one bit employees quality of life or satisfaction or any ideas for process improvement. 5) Not one supervisor on the sales/consumer teams has a degree in business, or management (much less any graduate degree). So the result is team members with a higher level of education or business insight then the managers themselves. This creates issues because the supervisors do things on a whim, or inact protocols that make very little business sense and employees feel that their ideas are swept to the side"

Current Employee - Territory Account Manager says

"If you're not part of the "in"'re out"

Former Employee - Contracts Analyst (Urology Care) says

"You definitely need to drink the "company kool-aid". The culture is cult like. Extremely unprofessional environment. More inefficiencies that I could ever imagine. They literally pack tiny desks into each floor like sardines; hardly a productive work environment. For the most part, people are very unintelligent and not open to positive suggestions for process improvements. VERY liberal environment. 4+ hours of "feel-good" meetings everyday that accomplishes nothing. The actual Denmark folks seem legit; however, the American operations is a joke. PAY IS THE ABSOLUTE WORST IN THE INDUSTRY, EVEN THOUGH HR REPEATEDLY STATES THEY ARE COMPETITIVE."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Poor pay, poor benefits, terrible bonus program, no work from home policy. Always re-organizing. Change is good and sometimes necessary, but this place has a yearly cycle. I've had 6 different managers in as many years."

Former Employee - Audit and Documentation Team Lead says

"Over a year ago Coloplast acquired Comfort Medical, LLC in which I worked. Comfort Medical employees were informed in March 2017 that we would become Coloplast employees starting on January 1, 2018. Many months later or the week before Thanksgiving Coloplast used a third party background screening company to screen employees presently employed at Comfort Medical. Approximately a month later and the last Friday of the year I was terminated and lost important health benefits days later on 12/31/2017 due to a failed criminal background check from almost 10 years ago. It was not taken into account that I disclosed this information about my background on my original application 4 years ago with Comfort Medical. My supervisor knew of the circumstances and that they were not of a violent nature, or stealing or anything at all that would compromise Comfort Medical. It was decided by several supervisors to give me an opportunity to prove myself. It was not taken into account that I was an outstanding employee with excellent performance evaluations done each year that included one promotion becoming a team leader/supervisor. I dedicated 4 years to Comfort Medical that included many projects and played key roles in developing processes. I was never called by Coloplast HR to discuss my attributes during my tenure with Comfort Medical or an opportunity to explain the circumstances around my background . I was just abruptly fired."

Former Employee - CONSUMER ADVISOR says

"Very much a call center environment. How many dials can you make in 8 hours? Micro management at its best. One manager has finally been talked to by HR after numerous complaints. I would highly recommend you look elsewhere."

Current Employee - Sales says

"Everything , Pay is lower then the median . Be prepared to work in a place without trust . You will need to managed on rules the person enforcing them doesn't even follow ."


"Do not work for this company. You will get fat and lose your soul. They don't care about their employees. They'd rather pay 140k for an expat than hire local talent. Take your talent elsewhere and be happier"

Territory Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"No minorities and they will change your monthly goal without telling you so you won't hit goal or get paid your commissions. Yes, seriously, they do that all the time! If you don't go over your numbers with a fine tooth comb you will be sorry. They will train you on catheters above and beyond. So not necessary. They also like to keeps reps out of the territory as much as possible by requesting numerous reports and meetings all over. Customer service are idiots but the company values them over reps."

Consumer Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Coloplast has poor management and will say whatever you want to hear to have you accept their job offer. I have never been so micromanaged in my professional career. In the 6 months I had worked there I went to human resources 3 times to talk about management but nothing was ever resolved. I have never felt so bullied by a supervisor in my professional career - I would not recommend working in the sales division."

abused employee (Current Employee) says

"Unrealistic targets, unethical practices to win at any cost. Inexperienced management team poor decision making practices. Environment of distrust and fear."

Sales Representative (Current Employee) says

"They tout how great their leadership is publicly to themselves and how they strive for it. If striving for great leadership is measured by firing your executive leaders and replacing them in annual intervals, then according to their constant preaching to us they are great. Other companies I have worked for define leadership not by the king in charge, but by making quick good decisions, defining company direction, supporting employees, mutual respect, giving praise, motivating the teams and developing managers vs. canning them. Here's the reality of doing the opposite of what I list and have experienced above; new direction, new quotas, new plans, new compensation, and all from new leaders that arrive annually with little or no experience in the company and the business. It's an exhausting place to work, a treadmill that no one can stay on, with little quality of life, nor career growth potential.Free lunchToo many too list - thow in no new products in 5 years"

Sales (Current Employee) says

"Coloplast is the best company to work, which have best benefits to the employees in all locations worldwide except Hyderabad India. The worst work culture is running now in Hyderabad Coloplast. I suggest if anyone get any offer in Coloplast Hyderabad location, Please don't join. Your career will collapse. Two employees(senior employee), who are not even qualified for patient service but they are giving patient service to change colo bags and controlling the management and management is unable to take right decision on Hyderabad team because they worried about their business."

Account Manager (Current Employee) says

"A lot of micromanaging starting to happen at this place. Less sales and more customer service handling.Way too much on employee plates these days with unrealistic goals.Free Lunches and Nice officeNo work life balance"

PRM (Current Employee) says

"Coral Springs location ( comfort medical ) is terrible . There is no transparency. They seem to be very racist ! They LIE and never gives clear information. Management sucks . Commission plan is not clear . They tell you one thing and then it’s different, with no explanation."

Anonymous (Former Employee) says

"Since I started my employment at Coloplast, I was never given any guidance, training, direction as to what my job entails and what my responsibilities were. I always asked my direct manager for feedback and guidance however they were not present and were very unsupportive.BenefitsNo transparency, communication, on-boarding and structure. Toxic environment. A lot of politics and negative office talk."

Shipper/Picker (Current Employee) says

"Company is growing and it is very laid back. There is no sense of direction of what the company will do for their employees in the future. Management does not come out the office and engage with employees"

Shipping Lead (Former Employee) says

"Manager has no clue on what’s happening in the warehouse The front office believes whatever is said by certain employees they have their favorites and do not apologize for it"

Worker bee (Current Employee) says

"Revolving door of management makes working here very hard. New bosses every 1-2 years means new styles, new goals, new teams, and a state of uneasiness. This is the worst place I've worked in 15 years with MN device companies, and alumni that have left (many) all agree.No teams, little boss involvement, no directionJust a really odd place with virtually no culture or interpersonal and professional relationships"

Customer Care Specialist- Direct to Customer (Current Employee) says

"I work on a que selling medical devices to consumers with colostomy's. I help solve a need and do it at a high level . I have received bonuses which is a positive most of the quarters I have worked thereBonusesTo many"

Consumer Sales (Former Employee) says

"Management will lie to you and tell you there's advancement, but if you ask tenured coworkers you'll soon realize it's not true. They'll say they're changing, but I worked there for 2 years (and worked with supervisor for advancement opportunities) and was let down when an opportunity arrived. Basically told me they only hire from outside after people get more experience. Turnover was over 100% in the two years I was there. It's hard to make lasting friends and connections when people leave shortly after starting.Commission is not too bad if you can hit itCulture, Management are all friends hiring friends, Vacation is hard to take off"

Consumer Sales (Current Employee) says

"Countless promises from management about developing employees and promotion from within with no follow-through. Department drives revenue (more than field sales team), but is not compensated as such. Management flies in from Denmark for three years maximum, enjoys America, then flies back home. No consistent plan from management. No understanding as to how things really work. Co-workers are great - it's amazing people work for this company and management team. Cafeteria is nice, staff is very pleasant. Facility is gorgeous - a prime location.No advancement from within"

warehouse assistant (Current Employee) says

"pick and pack orders general warehouse dutiesthe staff are brilliant.bonusesshort notice of extra hours"

Sales (Current Employee) says

"Some great people within the organisation but management poor. Little if any support and development available and a real blame culture. Culture one of secrecy due to real hire and fire mentalityProductsManagement"

Warehouse Material Handler (Former Employee) says

""Okay" place to work. No consistency with their equipment. line machines, dock equipment and other always break down. Lack of communication with pizza once in awhile"

aucun (Former Employee) says

"liberte de gerer notre journée de travail selon bon nous semblecantine"

Technical Associate Drafter (Former Employee) says

"This company has been going up and down. I worked here for 7 years and some days were harder then others. The company needs to get their procedures in place and have one point of contact for a lot of their manufacturing items. I dont know how FDA hasnt gave them a warning on what goes on day to day basic.Great PeopleVery Micro Management"

Customer Care Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Customer Care Department unfortunately is a very unappreciated and treated badly. Very competitive work place with profit of company being priority over employees health and work - home balance. StabilityNot nic atmosphere at work"

Skinz says

"Calling this company needs patience and about 4 Valium if you have them. Training yourself before calling Coloplast is essential, and my best advice is to call a government department and ask to speak to someone who can help you with a refund. After you have completed that task, you should be ready to call Coloplast. It\'s as if the people working there want the company to fail. My conspiracy theory is that the admin at Coloplast work for their competition and have infiltrated to dissuade customers from buying from them. A cold, uninformative, unobliging, unavailing experience. I would rather clean all the toilets in Grand Central Station with my tongue than call them up for anything ever again. They do suck BIG TIME!! " is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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